Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Sweet Pea's Room----Raw Materials

A few years ago Bill and I kind of settled on the fact that we were "destined" to have just two children for a myriad of reasons I wont delve into now.  Our first born, a bright eyed boy, has been such a blessing.  Little boy stuff was so foreign to me, even though I have 4 brothers, so much of my time spent with my son has been deliberate and full of discovery for me. 

Last October when we were told our 2nd baby would be a girl, I remember bursting into tears of joy.  "One of each!"  In some ways I think having a girl will present a greater challenge but Oh what fun I've been having relating so easily to her. 

So here's one of the cool things about having a little girl so far.  I get to create a magic land in her room and pour some of my hopes and dreams into it.  When we moved into our house 5 years ago, every single room was unfinished.  At first I wasn't sure where to start but one day the thought occurred to me, "The kitchen and living room can wait;  I want the kids to have a fun, safe place to retreat." 

I've been working on my daughter's room (mostly in my head, letting inspiration percolate), collecting raw materials and deciding on fabric and color since October.  I think I've got the makings of a dreamy little space for her with lots of sentiment and very little expense.  Yes we did paint it blue but wait until you see what blue can do!  When school starts, I plan to get the sewing machine out and "going to town" with all manner of plaids, florals, stripes, ric rac and buttons. 

So here's a little preview of things to come......

This is a faux mantle we had built on the chimney "bump out" in her room.  The fun stuff on the mantle is some of the chotchkies I'd like to incorporate around the space.  .....Some favorite old books I've collected over the years....always somehow with her in mind.  Little Women, Anne of Green Gables and Lovey Mary

Here are some of the fabrics I'd like to use.....and a disclaimer, There will be no matching and very little coordinating.  BTW....this rocking chair was Bill's when he was little. 

This window used to be a dingy, dark, boarded up blemish.  It's good to let the light in.  Now we just need a lick of paint and some curtains and she'll really shine!

Here's a super perfect picture I found for $12 at the local second hand store.

A pretty Jenny Lind crib that used to be a handsome Jenny Lind crib when it was my son's.  The window above need to be trimmed out.

The closet is quite useful.  I've got a start on the shelving and storage.  Now for a little de-cluttering (the story of my life...)

Here's where we spend quality time.  I think I'm going to paint that rocker a daring color.  Notice the window above.  All the windows on the second floor resemble that one.  It's beautiful but not practical.  There's iron scroll work bolted to the outside which makes for a bad situation in a fire.  Never fear; we have installed one open-able window in each bedroom.  I found the lamp at the local second hand store for $10.  It's a throw-back to the lamps in the bedroom I shared with my sister growing up.  I just loooooooove it.

Here's the changing table/dresser.  I bought it a the local second hand store for $30 when we first got married and I remember thinking, "now wouldn't that be cute with a little changing table on top!"  I painted it white a few year back but now I think it needs a little daring color too. 

The floor has been painted a creamy white and I'm saving for the one big expense; a precious braided rug from The Land of Nod. 

My step-mom who we will refer to as "The Quilting Goddess"  is helping me with my first quilt.  I think it's fitting that it'll be for my daughter.....sigh.

....and here, of course, is the focal point

Here's hoping to having it done before the sweet pea turns 1....

  jenny rosie

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