Sunday, August 14, 2011

"CHORES" Is Not A Dirty Word

Our little boy is getting to be a lot like his daddy....

For a 5 year old boy, he is extremely neat and tidy.  He also despises being late for school and is worried about using too much electricity and eating too much sugar.  This is the essence of Bill.  We're embracing this and, believe me, it isn't difficult.  His room is never messy, he clears the table after every meal, and helps with chores such as feeding the cats and emptying the garbage.

We definitely are embracing this!!!!!  Yet we are careful not to push him.  I don't ask him to "fetch" things for me unless I'm in a total jam and I don't expect him to do chores while I'm on my rear end eating bon bons.....we definitely do chores together. 

The other day, the pumpkin made his bed by himself without me even knowing he was doing it.  We had to take a picture....

This is the little Melissa and Doug chore chart his grandma gave him for his birthday....he loves it.  I love it because it has helped him with his reading and he knows what to expect each day.  It truly is fun to do and if it ever becomes "not fun" we'll nix it. 

A big thank you to his Uncle Josh for this last minute addition while visiting from Michigan a few weeks ago...

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