Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mental Health Day

The other day, I declared "Mental Health Day!"

Mental Health Day for me????  No no no

For my little boy. 

Sometimes I think when he looks at me he sees this:
The lidless, nagging eye that see's all

or this:
The floor better shine like the top of the Chrysler Building and while you're at it, dont forget to say "I love you, Miss Hannigan"

Wow.....I sure can put a lot of pressure on my kid.  Bill and I strive for consistency in our discipline but sometimes consistency sounds like:

"Please get your finger out of your sister's eye.  Now get off the arm of the couch.  And please stop grabbing yourself.  Stop blowing bubbles in your drink.  The toothpaste goes on the tooth brush".....all in one run-on sentence.

On weeks where we have lots of discipline challenges, I declare "Mental Health Day!" and we go somewhere where we can break the rules.

This week we went to Taughannock Falls State Park.  We had one of these.

I gave the pumpkin the camera and he had a blast taking pictures like this

and this

Then he started getting the hang of things...

We took our shoes off and went in here

Everywhere, there were stones for throwing.  One of his favorite things to do.

And he had his picture taken infront of the "biggest waterfall of all".

The Pumpkin kept saying, "This is great!"  I watched him run, jump, climb, gallop and dance around.  I think he's feeling better about is his mommy.  At the end of the day, I was feeling a little more like:


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