Friday, August 26, 2011

Finger Lakes Friday

On Fridays I'll be postings pictures of one of my favorite things...the place where I live.
The Finger Lakes region is located in central NY
....most of its residents haven’t even been to New York City.
There are eleven lakes in all, some as long as 40 miles, none wider than 3 miles across, and each boasting its own unique beauty. The region is dotted with small cities, quaint villages and tiny crossroads called hamlets.

I love that we're relatively undiscovered.

I'm no professional photographer and I don’t have any fancy editing software so the subject matter will simply speak for itself.

The Genessee River runs the weatern cusp of the Finger Lakes Region. This photo was taken at Letchworth, a state park 35 miles south of Rochester.  Here the river has cut through 550 feet of rock to form "the Grand Canyon of the East".  The park follows 17 miles of river and waterfalls and boasts many miles of hiking trails and superb vistas along its park roads.  Bill and I love to pack up a picnic lunch, hike to a quiet spot and spend the day.

the park even has dining accomodations.....the historic Glenn Iris Inn.
 I feel a "date" day coming on.

check out the view!!

Wow, I cant wait to go back!

  jenny rosie

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