Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When Its All Worth It

Its funny when you become a parent.....

(Not "Ha Ha" funny)

....You enter the hospital empty handed and you leave with your bundle of joy and an open can of welcome to your entirely new life.  Preparation time's up....Let's do this!  Don't bother dodging the punches that will be thrown at you in the coming years.  Its best just to allow them to hit you square.

SLAM......welcome to worry-ville.  Your address will be 102 Worst Case Scenario Lane for at least another 30 years....maybe forever.   You will NEVER EVER look at a coffee table,  crowded grocery store, or carrot the same way again.

POW.... Say goodbye to privacy, un-ending amounts of leisure time, and self-centered motivation.  Give a not-so-warm welcome to self denial and more confinement than you ever thought you could handle.

KA-BLAM....You 're responsible for feeding someone besides yourself three meals a day plus snacks and drinks.  You're also responsible for cleaning up their poop.

WHACK..... No sleep for you.... Try coping with your new reality while surviving on cat-naps.

...Oh yeah and be prepared to wash twice as many dishes and double the number of loads of laundry.

Hey, you're getting the hang of this so lets change up everything you thought you knew about your child.  RIGHT NOW!

The first years are one perpetual shock to your formerly you-centered systen.

The biggest WHAM-O, however is the key your child holds in his chubby little hand that reaches down deep into your heart and unlocks a door to an infinite, uninterrupted flood of love and devotion.  You thought you knew exactly who you were until.....him, until her, until them.

You step into a phone booth for a moment and reemerge, magically transformed into your child's super protector, booster club, teacher and character mold.  It's scary and overwhelming and yet you've never felt so honored or so up to task. 

You're going to need a ton of help from your fellow Super Friends.  Sometimes you feel like you're clinging to their invisible jets for dear life.

You and your spouse realize you are each other's wonder twin, can of spinach, and Castle Grayskull.  He is the only other being in this universe who understands exactly what the two of you have gotten yourselves into. 

But just you wait....

wait until you and your FAMILY are all snuggled under blankeys on the couch watching TV together. 


you and your FAMILY are around the dinner table laughing hysterically at something somebody said or did


you can see your whole FAMILY framed by the black plastic of your rear-view mirror


you are the last one to get in bed and you realize that everyone in your FAMILY is tucked in tight under the same roof.....

you are grateful

you are content

you are filled with peace and joy

you are beyond sure that it is all so worth it.

thanks for reading,

 jenny rosie

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