Friday, November 9, 2012

Finger Lakes Fridays

On Fridays I'll be postings pictures of one of my favorite things...the place where I live.

The Finger Lakes region is located in central NY....

most of its residents haven’t even been to New York City.  

There are eleven lakes in all, some as long as 40 miles, none wider than 3 miles across, and each boasting its own unique beauty. The region is dotted with small cities, quaint villages and tiny crossroads called hamlets.

I love that we're relatively undiscovered.  Its quiet around here....

Fall Around Here
We've had a pretty Amazing Autumn Around the Finger Lakes.  The leaves turned such brilliant colors, then lingered on the trees a little longer than they usually do.  The sun and cool temperatures have beckoned us outside and we've discovered new walking trails and dirt roads to explore.  Bill and I even found an afternoon to run off to a few wineries.  Fall always brings contentment back into my life as I ride the wave from the warm waters of crazy summer to the hushed shores of frigid winter.

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 jenny rosie


  1. Hooray for Finger Lakes Fridays! Great addition to my Friday! Beautiful thoughts & photos. Hard to say which I like best. Great shot inside the winery (or should I say "windery"?) Love the "action shot" of Miles on the slide - it's "all boy." Thrilled to see the kids in the woods & Miles with binoculars! But if I had to pick, I want a print of Marianna in the stroller - great perspective, plus I think that's the "kit-cat" that Aunt Peggy gave her & that's the sweetest little hat ever. Love you guys!

    1. p.s. don't respond to the gmail I signed in with - never check it.