Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This Boy...

Our Pumpkin just turned 7 years old....

He wanted an Angry Birds birthday party

He invited his friends from school.

He was hoping for an airforce jet.  This marks the first time he didnt ask for something train related for a gift.

He got the Chronicles of Narnia instead.

He is extremely disappointed that he is 7 and has not lost any teeth yet.

This boy is our firstborn.  We've experimented on him, lost our patience with him, misunderstood him, let him down, forgiven him countless times, bear hugged him even more. 

He's the one....

....the one who unlocked the door to love in our hearts and the one who changed us from merely a couple to a bona fide family.

For six and a half years, he has generously and unknowingly shared his Halloween candy with us.

He's let us sit in the stands and spectate as he navigates his firsts.  He's fiercely independent and cautious; all at the same time.

He reminds me of a little lightbulb....partly due to the shape of his face but mostly because I can see that he sheds his very own brand of brightness wherever he goes.

Lately, when he's excited, he's been raising both fists in the air and jumping up and down....in Rocky Balboa fashion.  I have to turn my head away to conceal my chuckles.

He is the embodiment of wide-eyed innocence, un checked enthusiasm, and if I had to pick one, I would say that his go-to emotion is anxious.

I love how fuzzy his hair feels under my fingers right after I've buzzed his head with the clippers

I cant believe how often his finger and toe nails need trimming.

I marvel at the thoughts and concepts that come out of his lightbulb shaped head.

The best is when I see him in his own world.  When he's whispering to himself or just sitting under a tree in the back yard and staring up at the sky or when he gets into a book.  I can see that deep down he is content and excited about just being him.


I'm so grateful for that. 

Sometimes, I'm not quite sure what to do with him when he gets too silly, or when he's lost his patience with something.  This boy keeps me on my toes. 

I know the day is coming when he wont let me be in the bathroom when he's "going" or when he'll be spending increasing amounts of time at his friends' houses or when he wont let me kiss him goodbye when I drop him off at school. 

I love ending my day by sitting on the bed in his darkened, quiet room and memorizing the crescent shape of his closed eyes.  In my mind, I revisit the day with him.  I recall the times he astonished me, exasperated me, and made me so proud to be his mommy.  I run my fingers through his cropped head one last time and whisper, "Oh this boy."

thanks for reading....

  jenny rosie


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  1. How blessed he is to be "known" by you. How blessed I am to "know" even just a sliver of the things you've written about him. What a gift he is, "this boy" of yours...