Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let's Dance (The Post With No Pictures)

.....because, believe me, they wouldn't be pretty. 

So I now have this 14 month old baby girl who loves to sing and dance....a girl after my own ridiculous heart.  We were listening to Earth Wind and Fire in the car the other day and, while I was watching her bob her little head in the rear view mirror, an idea boogied its way into my little head. 

Most mommies would agree, finding time to exercise when you have a little one can be quite a challenge.  Oh I could rise at 5:00am and go for a jog. That's an awful big energy expenditure with so much of the day left.  I don't have much left at the end of the day either.  This issue has really stumped me but as my wise husband would say, "you gotta just work the problem, Jenny."

So I've been trying to be more active in the every day
-parking farther away from the store when I run an errand
-going to my children when they need help instead of calling them to me
-pulling the kids in the wagon around the block before bedtime
-going up and down the stairs twice every time I need to go upstairs

and now my latest brilliant scheme. 

Wondering where I'm going with this? 

At lunch time, I plan on putting the little sweet pea in her seat, setting her lunch in front of her, throwing some peppy tune on the CD player and cutting loose for 5-10 while she eats.  I'm killing like 6 birds with one stone.....
-keeping up on the activity
-entertaining my daughter, she thinks I'm'd be laughing too.
-letting off some of the accumulated morning steam
-injecting some pep in my mood
-putting a little more silly in my life
-oh and practicing up for the next wedding we get invited to that 6 birds, I lost count. 

While I bust my moves (careful to stay clear of any windows) my husband's wise words resonate though my mind.... 

...and by the way I was working the problem pretty good at lunchtime yesterday

there will be no pictures of this tom foolery for obvious reasons. it's 1999

Thanks for reading...

  jenny rosie

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  1. Oh Jen...I would LOVE to see you "working it out"! What a great idea. You crack me up. Miss you.