Friday, May 11, 2012

Have You Seen This One?

I saw this movie last year and just loved it.  It's a french film which requires a little more focus because of the subtitles.  Audrey Tautou plays the story's central character, Mathilde, a young french woman whose childhood sweetheart has gone off to fight in the great war.  Army records show that he was executed at the front for deliberately maiming himself so that he could be sent home.  He is presumed dead but she refuses to believe it.  A fantastic mystery unravels with twists at every turn and flashes between Mathilde's peaceful world and the miserable trenches at the front line.

I found myself totally swept away by the cinematography and was inspired by Tautou's character.  Charming and tenacious, she was determined to use any means to find out what really happened to her true love.   I fell in love with the understated tone, the gripping mystery and the wonderful characters. In addition, I'm a sucker for period films.

Jenny Rosie's unofficial, non rhyming or reasoning rating.....excellent!

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