Friday, March 30, 2012

Finger Lakes Fridays

On Fridays I'll be postings pictures of one of my favorite things...the place where I live.

The Finger Lakes region is located in central NY....

most of its residents haven’t even been to New York City.

There are eleven lakes in all, some as long as 40 miles, none wider than 3 miles across, and each boasting its own unique beauty. The region is dotted with small cities, quaint villages and tiny crossroads called hamlets.

St Mary's

I took the kids for a walk last week in the unusual warmth.  The clocks had sprung forward and it was still light at 7pm.  The kids were in their jammies and snuggled under a blanket in the wagon.  I'm not sure a blanket was necessary but I don't think my deceased grandmothers would approve of taking the children outside in March without a blanket. 

We walked around the block circling our house and I caught some different views of the beautiful St Mary's that sits behind our house.  She's one of the things that sold us on our house;  her name is Mary like my mom, the trees in our backyard frame her steeple for a perfect view out the back door, and my son thought her round glowing clock face was the moon for the first two years we lived here. 

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