Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In the Spirit of Prioritization

It's a new year and time for fresh starts.  As much as I've tried to capitalize on the January 1st thing, I think my life sort of has more of an ebb and flow than any kind of cycle.  ANNNNNDDDD I don't have very much control over when a new idea or self examining thought will take me.  I'm calling it my left brain liberation.

Well I had one of those thoughts the other day....

My husband will tell you that there is nothing finished in our whole lives (except having more children).  This is what my kitchen looked like a few weeks ago

No cupboard doors, half finished ceiling and electric. 
My recipe project that I started with so much gusto in July....stalled.
The baby's room....sittin' there
My son late for school.....twice last week (I drop him off)
Table Cloths from Christmas....unwashed in the laundry room

So as I was ebbing the other day, a thought occurred to me....

Well first I posed the question...."What am I doing wrong?  It's not for lack of trying.  I work really hard all day long."

Then the answer, "Its simple....a matter of prioritization".  Prioritizing does not make a super mom.  Prioritizing ensures that the things that need to get done today, get done.

So here are some examples.
Sure the cupboards need a second coat of paint but first....the grocery list.
Please don't try to squeeze one more thing in this morning, get your kid to school on time.

Hey blogging is really important but why don't you play with this cute baby instead.

This is me learning how to manage my household...you can laugh.....it's okay. 

When I look at my house/kids/life on any given morning it's so incredibly overwhelming

So now I step into my day with the thought, "In the spirit of prioritization....."
or I make commitments to others with the thought, "In the spirit of prioritization...."
or I tackle my housework with the thought, "In the spirit of prioritization...."

It's not the glam life of doing what I want when I want but I see the value of ordering my day.  I think it'll make me a better friend, mom and wife....

.....I'll keep you posted

Thanks for reading

   jenny rosie

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  1. So friend, when does "email your friend" get put to the top of the priority list?!? I'm waiting!! (as just so you know, I know: ditto!) hee hee hee